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  • What Is Cold Brew Coffee and Why Is It Special?

    Cold brew coffee is now seen as the ultimate hipster statement drink. But what is cold brew coffee, and is it worth your time?
  • How to Make Iced Coffee at Home

    If you are a fan of chilled coffee drinks in the warmer months, or just want to switch up your mid-morning or midday caffeine hit, iced coffee could be for you.
  • How Much Caffeine Is There in Coffee?

    Many of us reach for a coffee not just for the flavour, but for the caffeine hit. But how much caffeine is actually in coffee? Does it differ depending on the type of coffee you are drinking? Find out in this guide. 
  • How Many Calories Are There in Coffee?

    The simple answer to this question is zero. There are virtually no calories in a cup of coffee, since it is made mostly from water. However, this i...
  • What Is Speciality Coffee?

    There are many definitions for ‘speciality coffee’ – the simplest is that speciality coffee is a term that refers to the highest grade of coffee available.
  • What Is the Best Coffee to Use at Home in My Espresso Machine?

    Are you one of those fancy folk with your own espresso machine at home? Then read our essential guide on selecting the right coffee to get the perfect brew.
  • Should I Buy A Coffee Grinder to Use at Home?

    No matter how expensive or fresh the coffee, the wrong grinder will permanently alter the flavour, and not for the better. Here's my thoughts on home grinders.
  • How to Make Coffee in A Cafetiere

    The cafetiere, also known as the French press or press pot, is the way many of us have grown up with making speciality coffee at home. Here's the best way to use it. 
  • How to Make the Best Coffee in An AeroPress

    The AeroPress makes one fairly large cup of black coffee, which you can top up with hot water milk or sugar according to your personal taste. Here's how to use it like a pro. 
  • How to Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

    Learn two easy methods for making delicious cold brew coffee at home with Coffee Man John
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