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How to Make Coffee in An AeroPress

Long-time Capital Coffee friends will know that our preferred way to make coffee at home is with an AeroPress. We sell them for just £28, which includes a whopping 500g of coffee and 500 loyalty points to spend on even more coffee in our online shop.

The AeroPress is a coffee press that uses a rapid, total immersion brewing process to make smooth, delicious coffee. The fast process is not only convenient when you really need your morning coffee, but avoids bitterness and high acidity that can be associated with other methods, like the French Press or cafetiere.

In addition, the filter paper (or metal filter, if you prefer something reusable) eliminates any sign of grit and makes cleaning up super-fast.

The AeroPress makes one fairly large cup of black coffee, which you can top up with hot water milk or sugar according to your personal taste. It’s also lightweight, compact and portable, meaning it is easy to take on holiday or to work, ensuring you have a perfect cup of coffee wherever you are.

Our standard AeroPress kit includes the AeroPress itself, but also a funnel, scoop, stirrer, large pack of filters and a filter holder – and of course the coffee!

All you need is boiling water and a mug. 

If you are out and about more often than not, we recommend the AeroPress GO, a new version designed with matching mug for travel. If you are mostly at home, you may prefer our standard AeroPress with the tote bag - to keep all the bits and pieces together and in one place. 

So, you’re convinced, you’ve got the kit, now you need to know how to use your AeroPress to create your perfect cup of coffee.

The good news is, it couldn’t be simpler. Follow our step-by-step process to create your coffee: 

  1. Boil some water and choose a mug.
  2. Put a filter paper into the detachable plastic cap on the AeroPress (tip: use a few dabs of water to make it stick).
  3. Assemble your AeroPress as in the picture below – the numbers will be upside down.
  4. Take a scoop of coffee (we recommend Kenya Blue Mountain) and put it in your AeroPress as shown, being careful not to spill any on the rim.
  5. Fill up with your boiling water – the less water you use, the stronger your coffee. At Capital, our coffee is STRONG, so we usually fill to near the top.
  6. Use the stirrer to stir your coffee grounds into the water and leave to sit for a minute or so.
  7. Now pop your plastic cap with filter over the top of the AeroPress and twist into place.
  8. In one smooth movement, tip over the whole AeroPress 180 degrees and place atop your mug.
  9. Apply pressure to the top, and slowly watch the AeroPress descend and compact. You’ll hear a hissing sound when you get to the bottom – this means your coffee is done. This motion takes 10-30 seconds.
  10. Take your AeroPress over to your bin, remove the plastic filter (careful – it can be hot) – and push one more inch to get rid of your grounds and paper filter, give the AeroPress a rinse under the tap and leave to dry, ready for your next coffee.
  11. Return to your mug, add milk and sugar as desired, and enjoy your coffee!