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Monthly Coffee Update: New Single Origin Speciality Coffee Available

This month we've got a new Single Origin Coffee available - Brasil Cerrado Mineiro Topazio.

This is a real treat.

If you're looking for something a little bit special and different, then this coffee is it.

This is a micro-lot speciality coffee - grown on a plot which yields very low amounts of incredible tasting coffee.

Our friend Kamil at Kamba imports this coffee from Cerrado Mineiro Region, the original "Designation of Origin" in Brasil.

You get a very specific flavour profile from this region in Brasil; Chocolate, Lychee, Berry, Wine.

Key Coffee Information

  • Country: Brasil
  • Producer: Lázaro Ribeiro de Oliveira
  • Mill Location: Minas Gerais
  • Region: Cerrado Mineiro
  • Variety: Topázio
  • Altitude: 950 mts
  • Temperature: 24C

We've also recently made our speciality ‘Barista Blend’ available to our online customers. Introduced last month, the coffee has been met positively with Marc stating, "has to be one of the best Barista coffee's I've had the pleasure of tasting."

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