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AeroPress GO Coffee Maker + 500g Coffee

AeroPress GO Coffee Maker + 500g Coffee

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AeroPress GO + 500g ground coffee.

The AeroPress GO coffee maker is a simple but effective coffee maker. Used correctly, it will make a rich, smooth coffee without bitterness.

It's great for making a single espresso/longer filter, straight into a mug. This travel version comes with it's own travel mug that doubles as a case.

We have a series of coffees with the grind and roast to suit an AeroPress GO.

Order from us and you'll get 500g of free coffee.

There will be 250g of our blend of the month and 250g of our single origin coffee of the month. Both ground for use in the AeroPress to make use of the fine paper filter.

 This freshly ground coffee is worth over £13 alone! 

Each bundle includes:

    • Plunger
    • Chamber
    • 350 paper filters
    • Filter cap
    • Scoop
    • Stir Paddle
    • Lid
    • Mug
    • Filter holder (all above made from BPA-free plastic)

Not only that - our special offer bundle includes the following:

    • 500g of exceptional fresh coffee ground for the AeroPress
    • 500 Loyalty points giving you £5 off future coffee purchases!
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